Friday, November 13, 2009 10:43 PM CST (GMT – 6) Update

There can be only one authoritative text of the Bible in the English language and this text is the King James Bible unless and until a universally accepted, modern transdialection of the King James Bible is produced.  In addition, the King James Bible is to be understood in the light of the 1611 – 1679 English Dictionary (see // on our original website; note that we no longer allow the use of “subsidiary translations”).

Now, the work of the KJVO movement must be extended to attempting to provide a single, subordinate, transparently, “universally” ratified commentary of the King James Bible in the format of the Bible.  This commentary will look like a Bible, though it will not be a Bible, and will read like a modern version of the Bible, though it will not be a modern version of the Bible.

Also, the King James Bible does not supersede the Bible in the original languages in which it was written and, if there were any argument over which had priority, if, impossibly, there were an absence of definitive proof that it was the latter, the “Principle of Commonality” would dictate that the King James Bible was superordinate.  The Principle of Commonality is a biblical principle and states:

God ministers his truth through common means unless those means be absent.

God does not provide a Chinese text to a Russian or an English text to a German except in the absence of a Russian text or a German text.

Furthermore, the KJVO movement must confront old and new scholarship head on, in the knowledge that no scholarship of any kind will ever undermine the King James Bible.  Finally, we now know with absolute certainty that if there were any errors in the King James Bible, which is not the case, their “threshold of impact” would place them in the category of thought that would be absolutely benign and that the threshold of impact of the corresponding missing truth, of which there is none, would place it in the category of thought that would be absolutely benign.  In other words, even if there were errors and missing truth in the King James Bible:

It would make no difference.

Furthermore, God, our Great Creator, has built into the Bible a textual redundancy such that it is impossible for the human race to fall short of the knowledge and wisdom that He intended to communicate to mankind.  In other words:

God has created a textual backup within the very words of Scripture so that, if any word of Scripture were ever to fail through the meddling of man, the truth could still be retrieved.